Let's all rally together and "Beautify Eagle".  Check out the Gazebo area, a perennial flower garden has been planted along with some beautiful hanging plants. Garbage cans have been repaired, trees have been trimmed and cut down. Electrifying the Gazebo and Flag, brick sidewalks, tables, benches are all in the future plans.

Thank you to 3-D Greenhouse, Mukwonago for the big discount on the beautiful flowers, Greg Cavaini, Dawn Books & Dawn Geeleher from Response Realtors, Bill Suhm, Janis Suhm, Shane Suhm from Suhmer's Saloon, Eric Dowdle and Steve Deegan.

On July 10th, we have been approved by the Eagle Village board to install underground electricity to the flag pole and the gazebo.  Beautiful cement paver stamped sidewalks have been put in. The Gazebo has been painted by A Cut Above in October 2015.

PROJECT STATUS 7/18/14            
PHASE 1              
Garbage Can Repair Done Shane Suhm          
Overgrown Bush pulled, grass reseeded Done Greg Cavianni, Steve Deegan          
Flower Bed around flag pole Done Shane Suhm          
Plant Perrenials Some G. Cavianni, D. Books, B. & J.Suhm, D.Geeleher          
Cut down dead tree Done Shane Suhm          
Trim large tree Done Shane Suhm          
Cut one more tree down ? Shane Suhm          
Hanging Planters on Gazebo and around Village Green Done G. Cavianni, D. Books, B. & J.Suhm, D.Geeleher          
Get Bubbler and water spigot repaired by Village On Villages schedule since 2014 Public Works          
Get Gazebo repaired and painted by Village Done Bid Vendor          
Cut overgrown grasses & weeds next to & around RR Track Grass/Bushes have been cut by RR in July 2015 RR          
Planters on Main Street TBD ?          
Run underground electricity to flag pole and gazebo Approved by Village Board 7/10/14, need bids to continue            
Electrify flag and gazebo Approved by Village Board 7/10/14            
Sidewalks pavers around and thru Village Green and Gazebo Done early Oct 2015          
PHASE II              
Historic Placards on buildings TBD ? EHS          
Make more bicycle friendly (racks) TBD ?          
Picnic tables TBD ?          
Signage for boundary of village/individual signage on welcome signs TBD ?          
Get Village & Lion’s Club to repair/change 5 Welcome signs Requested by EBA to put $ in Village budget 7/10 EBA Sign Committee          
Directional signage TBD ?          
Benches TBD ?          
More flower gardens ? ?          
Possible decorative fencing and/or brick walls ? ?          
Possible Waterfall feature   Jerry Buscher?          
Carve Eagle or something else in tree Design must be decided on Bob Younger          
Donation request at Garden Mart dropped off at Garden Mart 7/17/14 Janis Suhm          
Donation request at Home Depot Need 50310C for non profit to donate Janis Suhm          
Donation request at Walmart Not done Janis Suhm          
Donation request at Tractor Supply No new donations given Janis Suhm          

Beautification Project